Collaborative Divorce Financial Specialist and Attorney

As your collaborative divorce financial specialist or attorney, I will help you make decisions to ensure your financial security

Collaborative divorce has been on the rise. That is because many people do not want a knock down, drag out fight, that leaves everybody worse off than before. More and more, divorcing couples are looking for alternative approaches that leave them with a resolution that is in the best interest of everyone involved. As a collaborative divorce financial specialist, I will help you and your spouse understand all of your options and the value of any final decisions you make. 

What is collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce is a process where both partners work together with their attorneys to resolve their disputes without going to court. Through a series of meetings, you and your spouse will discuss any concerns, set goals, and negotiate a settlement that works for you and your family. 

You and your partner each begin by hiring a collaborative divorce attorney. These attorneys are uniquely qualified and specially trained in the collaborative divorce process. Once you have your attorneys, you sign a participation agreement, indicating you are fully committed to the collaborative process. If any additional support is needed (like a child specialist, financial specialist or divorce coach) you and your spouse will agree to hire those other members for your team. 

As your collaborative attorney, I will work with all team members to discuss relevant divorce issues, explore a variety of options, and to negotiate a settlement. At this point, the attorneys write up the terms of the agreement into a legally binding document and a final hearing will be scheduled. Once you, your spouse, and the attorneys attend that hearing, the divorce is finalized. 

What I do as a collaborative divorce financial specialist

A collaborative divorce financial specialist is also referred to as a financial neutral. They do not represent you or your spouse. Rather, they help both of you evaluate your current financial situation, understand your financial goals, and analyze a variety of potential solutions that can work well for you and your family. 

As your financial specialist, I will help you gather the financial information you need for your divorce, educate you about your current financial situation, prepare pre and post-divorce budgets, advise you on any tax consequences that may arise from the divorce, and make you aware of any financial issues that need to be addressed. Once all of the preliminary work is completed, I will create different options for your consideration and help you evaluate and analyze each one. In general, I provide additional insight into all financial matters of a divorce to better set you up for success.  

My financial background and legal experience have allowed me to successfully act as an attorney and financial neutral in numerous divorce cases. I have helped many divorcing couples understand the impacts of their financial decisions, so they can reach an agreement that positively affects their futures. If you need a collaborative divorce financial specialist, contact the Fletchall Group today for a free consultation. Phone: 312 – 803 – 6965