Mediator for Divorce

For a peaceful resolution, you need an experienced mediator for divorce

When you hire a mediator, you are making a commitment to resolve all of your divorce related issues amicably with your spouse. Typically, this commitment means that you will settle your divorce in a less stressful and less expensive manner. As a mediator for divorce, it is my responsibility to help both parties focus on the big picture and on their goals in order to craft a solution that is equitable and beneficial for everyone. 

What my role is as a mediator for divorce

As a certified mediator for divorce, my job is to be a neutral third party that helps you and your spouse finalize your divorce. I don’t make final decisions for you or offer legal advice. Instead, I will be your facilitator to help you figure out what is best for your situation. Once you have clearly established your desired outcomes, I may make suggestions or provide different scenarios for you to consider. However, I can never force an agreement upon you and your spouse.

Benefits of mediation

One of the most important aspects of mediation is that you and your spouse have the power to make decisions about all aspects of divorce, from custody to support. You know what is best for yourself and for your family and you don’t want a random judge or an attorney you just met to control your future. Through the process of mediation, you, your spouse, and your mediator for divorce work together to consider and discuss all options and make decisions about divorce related issues.

Because you have control over your divorce, you are able to customize solutions to reflect your family’s needs. You can think more outside the box and don’t have to subscribe to traditional formulas that are often applied when you step into the courtroom.

Using a mediator for divorce can also save time, which saves money as well. A typical mediation process lasts only a few months, where a traditional divorce can last years. The efficiency of the streamlined approach means that mediation costs far less as well.

As an experienced mediator for divorce, I know that this is a far less stressful process compared to traditional divorce. This can be a very emotional time, but I will help you set aside those emotions and get down to the business of divorce. You, your partner, and your children will benefit from a more positive experience that focuses on the issues rather than the anger of a divorce.  

Mediator for Divorce | Jennifer Fletchall | Fletchall Group LLC
Mediator for Divorce | Jennifer Fletchall | Fletchall Group LLC

What the mediation process looks like

Once you have found and hired your mediator for divorce, there are usually 6 steps that you go through.

  1. Introductory Remarks: During this portion of the process the mediator gives an opening statement. In the statement they emphasize their own neutrality and outline the roles of participants. They will also review the guidelines and the process and establish ground rules to make sure things go smoothly.
  2. Discussion of Goals and Concerns: At this time, each party will discuss their goals for the process, for themselves, for their family, and for their future. In addition, each party will discuss the concerns they have, which can be addressed in mediation.
  3. Information Gathering: The mediator asks the parties open ended questions.
  4. Identifying Problems: Although key issues will likely be present in other parts of the meeting, at this point, the mediator tries to find common goals between the parties. They then work with the parties to discuss issues and make decisions.
  5. Generating Options: Depending on the clients and the mediator, this part of the process can look different. The primary goal, however, remains the same; to explore potential solutions and come to a final agreement on the key issues.
  6. The Agreement: Once all the decisions have been made, the mediator writes a settlement agreement. At this point, an attorney finalizes the document and files it in court, making the divorce decree official. 

I am a certified mediator for divorce

If you and your spouse are looking for an experienced mediator for divorce, contact the Fletchall Group today. We will work together to ensure your divorce is amicable and you and your family’s goals are realized.
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Mediator for Divorce | Jennifer Fletchall | Fletchall Group LLC